HV Insulators

Cylinder Module type Power Frequency AC Test Transformer Systems
Cylinder type AC Test Transformer

YDT series cylinder type AC test transformers are of module type and oil insulated, inner insulating materials are transformer oil, shells are insulating cylinders, which are made of epoxy resin.

The high voltage can directly feed to test object without bushing, and modules are allowed to stack in cascade to reach very high voltage levels by keeping reasonable floor space.

Rated voltage of single module can be up to 750kV, the highest voltage can reach 2250kV by stacking three of these transformer modules.

PDF Brochure: PDFCylinder type AC Test Transfromers

HV DC Voltage Test Systems for Insulators Testing
HV DC Voltage Test Systems

FSZL series DC voltage test systems are mainly used to detect the performance of insulation materials under high voltage, long air gap DC discharge performance, insulation performance. Main features as followed,

•Large output current
•Small voltage fall
•Low pulse coefficients
•High measurement accuracy
•Automatic polarity switch
•Automatic tracking and voltage regulating by SCR
•Rated output voltage can be up to 2400kV

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Impulse Voltage Test systems for Insulators Testing
Impulse Voltage Test systems

FIVG series impulse voltage test systems can be used for standard lightning impulse test of cables in type test, also they are available for switching impulse, chopped impulse or other impulse wave if need.

We offer various kinds of structure design for impulse voltage generator, inclusive of L type, G type, H type, V type and etc.

Stage voltage: 100kV, 150kV, 200kV, 300kV
Stage energy: 5kJ, 10kJ, 15kJ, 20kJ, 30kJ
LI: 1.2±30%μs/50±20%μs, efficient ≥90%
SI: 250±20%μs/2500±60%μs, efficient ≥80%
CI: 2~6μs, efficient ≥85%

PDF Brochure: PDFImpulse Voltage Test systems