Heat Cycling Test System for Cable

Heat cycle test systems are mainly designed for thermal stability test on MV and HV power cables, these systems heat the conductors of cable samples by induced current method, using test loop as the secondary winding of high current transformer for inductive heating, heating current up to 10000A.

Whole system consists of test loop, simulation loop, reactive compensation unit, control and measure system. After inducing a current in the test object, the test system measures its temperature at several points by thermocouples, and current by current transformer or Rogowski coil.

Reference circuit diagram as followed,

circuit diagram

The through core high current transformer is specially designed for convenient assembly of cable sample, one side is open type, facilitate the assembly and disassembly, and test object (cable sample) goes through the square hole of transformer directly, not electrical connect with transformer. There are two fixed casters and two universal wheels mounted at the bottom of transformer, facilitate parallel use of multiple units, and easy to move and install.

Reference images of through core high current transformer,

high current transformer high current transformer high current transformer