We have supplied a set of 6000kV impulse voltage test system to Baoding Tianwei Transformer Manufacturer for EHV transformer testing, and successfully completed installation and commissioning in their lab in Qinhuangdao company. This 6000kV impulse voltage generator consists 20 stages, each stage is 300kV, it is the highest voltage rating in transformer manufacturers till now. The photos...

Our new lab was qualified for test and start service this year, GIS manufacturer sent their GIS products to our lab for AC test, actually we haven't started business of testing service, so far we only produce and sell testing equipment, this is our first trial.  

Completed the installation and commissioning for 1500kV AC Test Transformer System and ±1200kV HV DC Generator, both systems perform well, all test results are qualified.

We have finished the production and factory test of 2000kV mobile impulse voltage generator, which is designed to facilitate site test of GIS and other electric systems, this mobile system is put in two special design container, one for impulse generator, one for control (with air condition), for testing, only need to ship container to site, open the container, then it will install the impulse...

FSHV supplied a impulse voltage generator to Canadan transformer manufacturer, they mainly produce dry type distribution transformers, the photo is our engineer help and train them carry out impulse voltage test according to IEEE C57.98 standard, test precedure is half wave, 2 times chopping wave, then full wave, finally compare the voltage and current wave of half and full to check the...

FSHV big energy impulse current test systems, based on impulse voltage generator structure, are mainly used for testing whole set of lightning arresters whose residual voltage is high (90kV, 120kV or higher), and also the testing of MOV blocks in a suitable discharge rack.
The system in photo is 600kV 60kJ 20kA impulse current / voltage test system, is designed for arrester residual votlage...

FSHV has successfully completed the installation & commissioning and training of 600kV 20kA Impulse / 300kV AC / PD systems for an Indonesian insulators and arresters manufacturer (a Korean company), details as below,
1.600kV 60kJ 20kA impulse voltage / current test system, used for residual voltage testing of LA up to 20kA and 90kV residual voltage, and also used to conduct impulse...

FSHV completed the commissioning of 500kV 25kJ impulse voltage test system with chopping device in UOM (University of Moratuwa) Sri Lanka, customer were satisfied with the performance. this system is mainly used for transformer impulse test and other science research.

University of Moratuwa is the country's leading technological higher education institute excelling both...

FSHV has successfully completed installation & commissioning and training of following equipments in UOM Sri Lanka,
1. 150kVA 300kV AC Test Transformer System.
2. 400kV 10mA DC High Voltage Test system.
3. 500kV 25kJ Impulse voltage Test System with Chopping device.
All commissioning tests are qualified, customer are satisfied with our...

FSHV has completed all commissioning for 1800kVA 750kV SF6 Gas test transformer system.

SF6 gas insulated AC test transformer systems are especially designed for factory and field
test of metal-clad switchgear (GIS), and substation equipments on-site testing. These
transformers can be flanged directly to GIS, they make testing of such...

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