AC Test Transformer Systems

AC test transformer systems are conventional AC high voltage test equipments, mainly designed for medium capacitance testing objects, particularly for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (corona, wet & pollution tests).

Especially when the load is inductive (like inductive voltage transformers), tests need resistive current, AC test transformer systems are the only choice.

We produce many kinds of AC test transformers as follows, also we can customize them upon request.

Cylinder Type AC Test Transformers
Cylinder AC test transformers

YDT series cylinder type AC test transformers are of module type and oil insulated, inner insulating materials are transformer oil, shells are insulating cylinders, which are made of epoxy resin.

The high voltage can directly feed to test object without bushing, and modules are allowed to stack in cascade to reach very high voltage levels by keeping reasonable floor space.

Rated voltage of single module can be up to 750kV, the highest voltage can reach 2250kV by stacking three of these transformer modules.

PDF Brochure: PDFCylinder type AC Test Transfromers

Tank type AC Test Transformers
Tank type AC test transformer

YDB series tank type AC test transformers are situated in an enclosed and earthed metal tank, filled with transformer oil inside. These transformers can be optionally equipped with suitable bushing.

They are qualified for continuous duty, long duration tests, can be used for high voltage pollution tests, test line and capacity required continuous test.

This design is most suitable for using outdoor, and therefore is recommended to use in areas with poor climatic conditions, especially in high humidity areas and tropical countries.

PDF Brochure: PDFTank type AC Test Transfromers

SF6 Gas Insulated AC Test Transformers
SF6 Gas Insulated AC test transformer

YDS series SF6 gas insulated AC test transformers are especially designed for factory and field test of metal-clad switchgear (GIS), and substation equipments on-site testing. These transformers can be flanged directly to GIS, they make testing of such installations possible without feeding them through an air-SF6 bushing. They can also be used for AC voltage test of other HV apparatus when equipped with output bushing.

In the factory, these transformers allow to test sub-assemblies and components directly in the manufacturing line, thus avoiding transportation to a central test facility, and extra handling. Particularly they are suited for on-site tests of GIS after assembly.

Compared to conventional oil insulated AC test systems, they are lighter and smaller, only about 1/6 height and 1/7 weight, also the merits of encapsulation remain effective during tests which is essential for PD testing.

PDF Brochure: PDFSF6 Gas Insulated AC Test Transfromers

Oil Gas Insulated AC Test Transformers
Oil Gas Insulated AC Test Transformers

YDBS series oil gas insulated AC test transformers have the merits of oil insulated and gas insulated test transformer, can reach higher voltage and capacity, lower PD noise, longer duration.

The images on the right is 800kV 2A oil gas insulated AC test transformers, which are made by our factory, for AE Power Systems Company.

PDF Brochure: PDFOil Gas Insulated AC Test Transformers