C & Tan Delta Measurement

Manual C & Tan Delta Measuring Bridge
Manual C & Tan delta measuring bridge

FSQS-30 manual HV Capacitance Bridge is widely used to measure capacitance and tan delta for cables and other electric products, it adopts theory of current comparer, combining computer data processing, easy to operate, and with high measuring accuracy, multiple digital reading and good linearity. The inner computer can process data automatically, and display capacitance, tgδ, the test voltage, current through capacitor(Icn). Through printer, the result can be printed.

Capacitance measuring range (100pF standard capacitor): 0~0.1μF, can up to 100μF when using additional current transformer.
Tan delta measuring range: -0.11~+0.11

Automatic C & Tan Delta Measuring Bridge
Automatic C & Tan delta measuring bridge

FSQS-87 High precision automatic tan delta measuring bridge is the basic measurement instrument of capacitance and dielectric loss test, widely used for tan delta of cable type test in factory according to IEC 60840.

It adopts the principle of current comparer, which makes it with high measurement accuracy and reliability, normal schering bridge or HV tan delta tester cannot achieve. Combine with computer data processing, make the measurement more visualized and convenient.

With large TFT screen to display value of capacitance Cx, dielectric loss tgδ, test voltage Upk/√2, inductance Lx, quality factor Q, test current Ix, dielectric constant of material ε, test frequency fx, apparent power S, effective power P, reactive power Q and etc.

Automatic Tan Delta Tester
Automatic Tan Delta Tester

FSJS automatic tan delta tester is an automatic instrument, designed to measure capacitance and tan delta for all kinds of HV electric products, such as insulation materials, bushings, transformers, cables, capacitors and etc. Compare with schering capacitive bridge, it has the advantage of easy operation, automatic measurement, direct reading, no-required conversion, high precision, anti-interference and ect.

There are standard capacitor and step-up voltage equipment inside, using in internal mode, doesn’t need other devices, easy to carry.

Max. output voltage: 10kV
Capacitance measuring range (10kV): 3pF~60000pF

SF6 Insulated Standard Capacitor
SF6 Insulated Standard Capacitor

Gas insulated standard capacitor is widely used for capacitance and tan delta measuring of capacitors, cables, bushings, insulators, transformer winding and other insulated materials. Also it can be used as divider at HV measuring. Under special condition, it can be used as coupling capacitor when carrying out PD detecting.

Voltage rating: 10kV ~ 1000kV