HV Transformer Test Station

Transformer Test Station (Test Lab / Test Room)

As per the standard of IEC 60076 full set, transformers shall be subjected to all kinds of tests in the factory, including routine tests, type tests and special tests, so a transformer test station consists of all testing equipments is necessary for every transformer manufacturer.

Transformer test station

FSHV offer turnkey project of test station for single and three phases transformer up to 1000kV, scope of work includes design and construction of test station, procurement and supply of testing equipments, arrangement and installation of whole system, intelligent integrated control system and joint commissioning, transformer test and operation training, etc.

Transformer Integrated Control Console

Transformer Integrated Control Console

With computer automatic and emergency manual control, can be applicable for 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV and above voltage rating transformers, reactors, HV switchgears, etc.

Computer automatic measure and control, achieve integrated system including display of primary circuit, measurement, control track, analysis treatment, report save, print, protect, etc.

All corresponding data calculation are completed by IPC background, the measure data and calculated result are displayed directly in screen, ensure the accuracy and efficiency.

Power analyzer
Power analyzer

Model: FSNP3000-X
Measuring channel X: 1~6
Connection mode: 1P2W(1φ 2 line)、1P3W(1φ 3 line)、3P3W(3φ 3 line、2U 2I)、3P3W(3φ 3line、3U 3I)、3P4W(3φ 4 line)
Measuring parameters: voltage U (efficient value, average value, peak value), current I, active power P, reactive power Q, apparent power S, power factor λ, frequency f (fU, fI), phase angle φ, efficiency η, 50 times harmonic HDF, voltage current distortion THD, peak value (Vpk, Ipk), peak value factor, surge current.
Input impedance: voltage≈2MΩ, current direct input≈2.5mΩ
Voltage rated measuring range: 15/30/60/100/150/300/600/1000V, manual / automatic range switching.
Current rated measuring range: 5mA ~ 50A, manual / automatic range switching, optional spec: 50A, 20A, 10A, 5A, 2A, 1A
Voltage / current accuracy range: 1% ~ 110% × measuring range
Voltage measuring accuracy: ±(0.1%×display value + 0.1%×measuring range)
Current measuring accuracy: ±(0.1%×display value + 0.1%×measuring range)
Power measuring accuracy: ±(0.1%×display value + 0.1%×measuring range)
Power resolution: 0.1mW
Frequency measuring accuracy: ±0.1%×display value
Harmonic measurement: 10Hz~600Hz, 1~50 times harmonic content, total distortion.
Control interface: standard: RS-232; optional RS-485, GPIB

Temperature logging device

Temperature logging device

Model: FS-510(16)

Measuring channel: 10/16

Measuring accuracy: full range ≤0.5%F.S

Signal type: PT100 thermal resistor

Measuring range: -200~650℃

Display screen: 5.6” TFT Blue LCD

Display mode: value, real curve, bar graph, historical curve.

Storage mode: internal memory / external USB disk

Communication interface: RS-232 / RS-485

DC resistance tester for measurement of winding resistance

DC resistance tester

Model: FSR-x

Output current -x: 1A~40A

Output voltage: 1V~40V

Measuring range: 0~1Ω (5A), 1mΩ~2Ω (10A), 2mΩ~4Ω (20A)

Accuracy: 0.2%±1μΩ

Display digit: 4

Communication interface: RS-232 / RS-485

Ratio and connection symbol tester

Ratio and connection symbol tester

Model: FST

Display digit: 5

Output voltage: AC 10/160V

Measuring range: 0.9~200 / 0.9~5000

Accuracy: 0.1~0.3% ±2 character

Resolution: 0.0001

Data storage: 50 group

Communication interface: RS-232 / RS-485

Module type AC Test Transformer Systems
(for Transformer Applied Voltage Test)

Module type AC Test Transformer Systems

YDTW series AC test transformers are of module type and oil insulated, inner insulating materials are transformer oil, shells are insulating cylinders, which are made of epoxy resin.

TThe high voltage can directly feed to test object without bushing, and modules are allowed to stack in cascade to reach very high voltage levels by keeping reasonable floor space.

Rated voltage of single module can be up to 750kV, the highest voltage can reach 2250kV by stacking three of these transformer modules.

PDF Brochure: PDFModule type AC Test Transformer Systems

AC Resonant Test Systems with Variable Inductance
(for Transformer Applied Voltage Test)
AC Resonant Test System with Variable Inductance

IRST series variable inductance resonant test systems are designed to compensate capacitance in testing circuit precisely by adjusting inductance of HV reactors, when test system gets in resonance, it outputs continuous AC voltage of power frequency (mainly 50 or 60Hz, matches feed-in mains).

IRST series HV reactors, main part of the system, work on fixed frequency and variable inductance, are of oil insulation and epoxy glass-fiber insulating shell, module type and stackable, voltage up to 2000kV.

These systems offer significant advantages to standard AC test systems where the load is largely capacitive.

PDF Brochure: PDFVariable Inductance Resonant Test Systems

Impulse Voltage Generator for Transformer Impulse Test
Impulse Voltage Test systems

FIVG series impulse voltage test systems are mainly used to generate standard lightning impulse (LI), full or chopped waves, switching impulse (SI) wave, impulse voltage ranges from 10kV to 7200kV (LI 7200kV, SI 5000kV), energy from 2.5kJ to 720kJ. Also it can be used to carry out steeping and oscillating impulse test by adding some extra equipment.

We offer various kinds of structure design for impulse voltage generator, inclusive of L type, G type, H type, V type and etc.

Stage voltage: 100kV, 150kV, 200kV, 300kV
Stage energy: 5kJ, 10kJ, 15kJ, 20kJ, 30kJ
LI: 1.2±30%μs/50±20%μs, efficient ≥90%
SI: 250±20%μs/2500±60%μs, efficient ≥80%
CI: 2~6μs, efficient ≥85%

PDF Brochure: PDFImpulse Voltage Test systems