Impulse Voltage Test System

Impulse voltage test systems, also known as Marx generators, are used for carrying out impulse voltage tests on HV apparatus like Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Switchgear, Breaker, HV Cable, GIS switchgears, Generators etc.

The tests are conducted with lightning (LI), full or chopped waves, and / or switching impulses (SI) as prescribed in the relevant international standards. (IEC, ANSI/IEEE and other national standards)

Impulse Voltage Generators
Impulse Voltage Generator

FIVG series impulse voltage test systems can be used to generate standard lightning impulse (LI), full or chopped waves, switching impulse (SI) wave, impulse voltage ranges from 10kV to 7200kV (LI 7200kV, SI 5000kV), energy from 2.5kJ to 720kJ. Also it can be used to carry out steeping and oscillating impulse test by adding some extra equipment.

We offer various kinds of structure design for impulse voltage generator, inclusive of L type, G type, H type, V type and etc.

Stage voltage: 100kV, 150kV, 200kV, 300kV
Stage energy: 5kJ, 10kJ, 15kJ, 20kJ, 30kJ
LI: 1.2±30%μs/50±20%μs, efficient ≥90%
SI: 250±20%μs/2500±60%μs, efficient ≥80%
CI: 2~6μs, efficient ≥85%

PDF Brochure: PDFImpulse Voltage Generator

Outdoor Quick Erection Impulse Generators
Impulse Voltage Generator

Outdoor quick erection impulse generators are of module type, normally one module consists two stages (200kV, 400kV or more), so these systems can be quickly erected by modules stacking, convenient for outdoor test, and facilitate the transportation.

Right image is 4000kV 200kJ quick erection impulse generators, and specially design for high altitude use, equivalent to at least 6000kV in low altitude.

Impulse Voltage Generator