PD Detection & Analysis

PD-2E Multi-Channel Digital PD Integrated Analyzer
PD-2E PD detector

PD-2E is integrated PD analyzer, in portable standard 6U 19” structure, with independent 2 or 4 channels PD signal input, strong PD integrated analysis and PD detection ability in the environment of small signal and big interference, can be used for PD detection and location of most HV electric products.

It has individual window display, high definition big screen, portable and shockproof, high reliability, strong anti HV impact ability, and other advantages. Also there is square-wave calibration output and built-in opto input interface.

PDF SPEC: PDFPD-2E 4 Channels Digital PD Tester

PD-2P Multi-Channel Digital Field PD Tester
PD-2P PD detector

PD-2P is a portable device much suited for field PD detecting, locating and analysis, it has compact structure, anti-vibration, strong PD signal analysis and interference signal processing ability, test voltage display, discharge start voltage record and other functions, make test more convenient, its compact structure and easy operation make it much suited for complicated environments, equip with the components of PD detect, locate and online monitor, mainly used to perform PD online detection for HV electrical equipments such as transformers.

PDF SPEC: PDFPD-2P 2 Channels Digital PD Tester

PD-2623 Portable PD Detector
PD-2623 PD detector

PD-2623 is a portable PD detector, which can be used by either hand-held or back-carrying, with dual-channel built-in opto-electrical double input interfaces, and adopts top port connection mode. It has various PD analysis functions, including perfect PD online detect, discharge statistical analysis, discharge type recognition, etc, can connect to AE, UHF and other PD sensors for PD online detection of various HV electrical equipments, built-in lithium battery (also external power supply is available), facilitate on-site PD testing.

Measuring bandwidth: HFCT: 100kHz~100MHz
           UHF: 300MHz~1.5GHz
           AE: 20kHz~300kHz
           TEV: 3MHz~80MHz

PDF SPEC: PDFPD-2623 Portable PD Detector

Application Projects
PD-2E PD detector   PD-2623 PD detector
PD-2623 PD detector
PD-2P PD detector