RIV Corona Measurement

According to the standard “Method and system for measuring radio interference from high voltage equipment”, complete set of RIV measuring system consists of following devices:

1. ZN3950C EMI Measuring Receiver
2. ZN1062 Standard Signal Generator
3. ZN30900C Active Loop Antenna
4. ZN28200 Impedance Matcher for Interference Measurement

RIV Measuring Method: PDFRIV Measuring Method

ZN3950C EMI Measuring Receiver

ZN3950C Electromagnetic interference measuring receiver is mainly used to measure the interference or sinusoidal signal with frequency scope of 9kHz~30MHz, together with measuring antenna in same frequency band, it can be used to measure the field strength in corresponding frequency band, fully complies with the standard of CISPR-16.

Equipped with a signal source output with same frequency band and 232 interface so as to accurately measure the average, the peak and the quasi-peak.

It is applicable to testing HV equipments, household appliances, electric tools, lamps and filters according to related standards. And can work with PC software to perform sweep test and spot test and store and analyze the test data. More detais.

ZN3950C EMI Measuring Receiver

Range of frequency: 9kHz~30MHz
Min frequency step: 10Hz (9kHz~150kHz)
          1kHz (150kHz~30MHz)
Voltage measuring range: 0dBμV~120dBμV
Detection mode: peak detection, quasi-peak detection, average detection
Duration of each detection: 100ms~3000ms

PDF Manual: PDFZN3950C EMI Measuring Receiver

ZN1062 Standard Signal Generator

ZN1062 is a stanrdard signal generator utilizing DDS digital frequency to composite signals with high frequency accuracy and stability. With automatic level control circuit inside, ensure the frequency response characteristic of output level within the entire output frequency range is very stable.

It is applicable to various receivers and amplifiers used by plants, schools and research institutes for scientific research, debugging and testing. More detais.

ZNl062 Standard Signal Generator

Range of carrier frequency: 10kHz~5MHz
Output impedance: 50Ω
Output voltage level: 0dBμV~120dBμV
Clutter suppression: ≥40dB

PDF Manual: PDFZNl062 Standard Signal Generator

ZN30900C Active Loop Antenna
ZN30900C Active Loop Antenna

ZN30900C Active loop antenna is mainly used to measure the field strength in corresponding frequency band together with ZN3950C EMI Measuring Receiver.More detais.

Frequency range:
1) 10kHz~150kHz (the waveband switch is pressed down)
2) 150kHz~30MHz (the waveband switch pops up)
Antenna impedance: 50Ω;
Correction factor: see attached list
Measuring error: ±1dB

PDF Manual: PDFZN30900C Active Loop Antenna

ZN28200 Impedance Matcher
ZN28200 Impedance Matcher

ZN28200 Impedance matcher is mainly used for radio interference measurement from high-voltage equipment. It can be used together with our ZN3950C (150k~30MHz interference meter) and ZN1062 (10k~5MHz standard signal source) for measuring and testing. More detais.

Adjustable inductance (2.2uH~300uH)

PDF Manual: PDFZN28200 Impedance Matcher