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  • Single Stage Impulse Current Generator
  • Single Stage Impulse Current Generator
  • Single Stage Impulse Current Generator
  • Single Stage Impulse Current Generator
  • Single Stage Impulse Current Generator
  • Single Stage Impulse Current Generator

    FIVESTAR HV TESTING EQUIPMENT, operating in the electricity industry, specializes in developing and providing high-voltage testing equipment, including AC Dielectric, HV DC Voltage, Impulse Voltage, Impulse current and other special tests. We offer comprehensive solutions for research, manufacturing, or maintenance purposes.


    Star/coaxial arrangement to produce long duration impulse currents and selected exponential impulse currents, in-line or circular for selected rectangular shaped long duration impulse current up to 3200μs.

    This is the popular type impulse current generator, it can save space and achieve low stray inductance to generate even steep impulse currents 1/<20μs. Single impulse wave and combination of multiple waveforms are available.

    Impulse current test systems are mainly used for testing transmission and distribution systems against the effects of direct or indirect lightning strokes or against electromagnetic interference effects.

    Primary application of impulse current test systems is the testing of surge arresters, nowadays mainly of the metal-oxide type (MOA) and surge protection devices (SPD). Now they are also widely used to test vehicles, aircrafts, and military applications.
    Depending on the broad range of the different designs and tasks of the various equipment to be tested, impulse current test systems have to be adapted for the special testing purposes.

    FSHV impulse current test systems can generate 1/20μs, 4/10μs, 8/20μs, 10/350μs, 18/40μs, 30/80μs, 2000μs and other standard impulse current waveforms as per IEC standard, peak current value up to 240kA 8/20μs and 200kA 10/350μs.

    Standard test system consists of an impulse current generator (mainly consists of capacitors, resistors, inductors and a spark gap), charging and control unit as well as voltage and current measurement.

    Application of Impulse Current Generator

    Arresters and varistors (elements or complete systems)
    Lightning protection elements
    Vehicles (cars, bus, trucks, trains)
    Wind generators (whole system or blades)
    Transmission lines with integrated fiber optic cables
    Material processing and recycling

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